Rules (Read first before posting)

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Rules (Read first before posting)

Post  Goten_ssj3 on Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:07 pm

Here is the rules:

- Write the proper titles for your contributions. Not just "Help!" or "Read this".
- No advertising. This does NOT answer to any question.
- No talk about piracy, serial number, crack, etc.
- Clean language. No profanity or sex words.
- Keep good form. Threats and harassment are totally unacceptable.
- Avoid offensive content of the posts. Pornography and racist statements are strictly forbidden.
- No spam. This involves that there shall be no posts containing only a smiley, or superfluous characters without end. Avoid also the greatest extent possible to write multiple posts in a row.
- Do not give out any personal information, personal codes, or other critical information about yourself or anyone else.
- Only one user per person.

Please follow the rules.


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